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"For two years I was dealing with major back pain. I was walking bent forward at 20 degrees and could only walk one block or stand for about 5 minutes before the pain forced me to sit down. My favorite walking position was pushing a shopping cart with my elbows resting on the handle. I started looking for a Spine Surgeon and investigated the major Florida hospitals, but settled on Dr. Drew Brown. Dr. Brown looked to have the best education and training. When he discussed the operation he looked me in the eyes and discussed every aspect of the L1 to S1 fusion surgery (Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion) with confidence. I also had some deteriorated bones in my spine so Dr. Brown discussed how he was going to minimize the risk. The other doctors I consulted just said, " that's no problem." My operation took 10.5 hours. After the operation I had very little pain in my back or the large incision in my belly. Now after 6 months I have no pain. I can power walk 3 miles and stand up forever with no pain. I walk with a straight back. I'm back to working on my boat fixing things around the house. If you have a spine issue, Dr. Drew Brown is the best doctor you'll ever find!"

- Richard R. 

"It has not only been a pleasure, but a gift from God that I was under Dr. Brown's care. Dr. Brown demonstrated his knowledge and concern throughout the entire process of my Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion procedure, post op, and therapy." 

- Phillip S. 

"When I came to Dr. Brown, I was seeking a second opinion for my back problems. I was not in a lot of pain but had significant numbness in my lower extremities. Getting ready for work was taking twice as long as normal and sitting caused a lot of discomfort. The first surgeon said I was not in enough pain to warrant surgery. Dr. Brown took one look at my MRI and was amazed I could even stand up. But even then he wanted to be conservative and prescribed pain therapy. But within 3 months it was evident surgery was necessary. I cannot believe how great I felt almost immediately afterward. I was up and walking the next day! Feeling began to return to my legs almost immediately and after 3 months I'm ready to get back to golf. Dr. Brown is an EXCEPTIONAL SURGEON and a very caring young man. I recommend him to anyone I encounter who has any back problems. Thank you Dr. Brown."  

- David K. 

" I had a spinal injury. Rehab facility had me for 34 days of therapy to no end. No improvement. Dr. Brown corrected that with surgery and treatment. He did a fantastic job! Thank you Doc!

- Greg C.

"Dr. Brown is one of the most personable physicians I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. My neck operation has proved successful in the long run. I highly recommend him." 


"I have had two major surgeries with Dr. Brown since 2015. I think he is an amazing surgeon and a compassionate and sincere doctor. He is caring in every way. I believe he is dedicated to his profession and patients. I would recommend Dr. Drew Brown to anyone in need of a neck or spine surgery."

- Michael N. 

"From the first appointment to the post op appointment Dr. Brown and staff have been not short of exceptional. He cares about what he is doing and how it affects you and where the medical procedure will take you in the future. My deepest appreciation to Dr. Brown for really being able to relieve the pain and giving me back a full life. I would recommend Dr. Brown to all I meet. He cares and it came through at all stages of the procedure to make me feel relaxed and secure."

- Richard M. 

"In the fall of 2015, I started seeing Dr. Brown for the chronic lower back pain that I had dealt with for many years, but had become much worse. I was seeing a chiropractor for my lower back, but an MRI revealed an issue with the alignment of my L4/L5 vertebrae. At this point, the pain was in my lower back and extending down my legs with numbness in my feet. Dr. Brown took a very methodical and informed approach to addressing the issue without rushing to do surgery. He recommended pain management approaches, including physical therapy and pain injections. That had some positive effects but didn't fully address the issue. He then did a minimally invasive procedure to clean up the area around L4/L5 which provided initial relief. Eventually, I required a fusion of the L4/L5 area to address the core issue of spondylolisthesis in February of 2017. Since that procedure I have felt better than I have in MANY years. I'm extremely happy with the care and attention I received from Dr. Brown. His knowledge, bedside manner, and the information and communication he provided me as a patient allowed me to be informed and part of the decision process. I highly recommend Dr. Brown!"

 - David S.

"Dr. Brown did a fabulous job on my back I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs surgery. I'm very pleased with my experience, if I had to I would do it all over again. Thanks for doing such a good job. Keep up the good work. You're #1!!"

-Willie H. 

"I met Dr. Brown late fall of 2015 following a partial knee replacement. At the time I had developed severe sciatica down both legs and numbness in all 4 quadrants. He discovered my spine was very arthritic and my cervical area was closing off and I was at risk of total quadriplegia. I was skeptical, but with my daughters help was made to understand that a procedure on my C3-5 would resolve my problem for many years - This was done Jan of 2016 and was very successful and I have full range of motion today, less neck, shoulder pain and strain. In the fall of 2015 I was well enough to address my lumbar spine. The lumbar laminectomy/foraminotomy of L3-L5 has completely relieved my sciatica and if I slow down some (at 62 now) I look forward to a relatively pain free life into my more mature senior years. In summary, Dr. Brown and his gifted hands(and mind) have given me my life back! His warmth and compassion through my painful times was a calming relief to the processing that were done. All his staff were professional and understanding as well whenever I had questions or concerns. What a blessing Dr. Brown and his practice have been to me and my family."

-J.H. Hobe Sound, FL

"I have had a great experience with Dr. Brown. I have developed a great Dr./patient relationship with Dr. Brown. He has a great bed side manner and really cares about his patients. He performed a microdiskectomy, relieving most of my pain. I went from being bed ridden with a pain level that was unbearable to now carrying a baby comfortably for the most part. I truly will follow Dr. Brown wherever he may go. I highly recommend Dr. Brown and his services."

- Amy F. 

"Originally came to Dr. Brown due to back problems and he sent me to physical therapy, which was great. But I came back because I was having balance issues, tingling, and numbness in my hand that worried me. He took an MRI of my neck and told me that I needed surgery to remove a disc from my neck that was pushing into my spinal cord. I was scared, but he was really great at assuring me that this was best option and it would be simple. I decided that I wanted the surgery and so glad I had him as my doctor. The surgery went great and helped my lower back. I have had nothing but a great experience with Dr. Brown. So glad I was told to see him and I recommend him to everyone!         

 - Rebeca B. 

"Dr. Brown explained everything, he was excellent and gave me a good prognosis of what to expect. Exceptional doctor - I want to do all of my exams with him!"

- Edward V.

"What a blessing it was to have Dr. Brown as my Orthopedic Spine Surgeon! I was involved in a brutal collision and required a follow up appointment after my emergency room visit. I called Dr. Brown's office, made the initial appointment, picked up the new patient paperwork, and his business card. I then started my own research to learn about my new doctor's credentials. WOW! Impressive...Fellowship trained at the San Diego Center for Spinal Disorders with a sub-specialty in adult degenerative conditions. His expertise focuses on minimally invasive spinal surgery. During my first visit and subsequent visits I never felt rushed. He explained the complexity of my injury in a way that was easily understood and provided me what he concluded was my best option....spinal surgery. By the time I walked out of the exam room and to the check out area, I had decided to proceed with surgery. He instilled a confidence that I just knew surgery was the right decision. Dr. Brown was the first doctor I had found "on my own", without any input from friends or family. He is an extraordinarily skilled surgeon, punctual, kind-hearted, and has the instinctive ability to answer anticipated questions during his explanations. I would recommend Dr. Brown to anyone who has a spinal injury and feel confident you will appreciate his ability not only as a surgeon, but as someone who genuinely wants to make certain your quality of life is the best it will ever be moving forward. You can't make a better choice!" 

- Linnea N. 

"I had spinal surgery January 24, 2017. Dr. Brown did a great job. He is a very compassionate person. He is fun to be around. He was there for me whenever I needed him. He has even taken the time just to say hi. Love this man! I would recommend that anyone who has back issues, see him.

He is just the ABSOLUTE BEST!"  

- Maria C. 

"Dr. Brown has the best personality, his way of talking to his patients and family is outstanding. Before surgery Dr. Brown informed us of pre and post information. He not only educated us about the upcoming surgery but comforted us as well. There is no way we could even thank Dr. Brown enough. God Bless his magical hands."

- Gary W. 

"I came to this office about one year ago. Had been in severe pain for 7 months, unable to get out of bed except to eat and go to the bathroom. Dr. Brown did a minimally invasive procedure on my lower back and gave me back a very active and productive life - That I enjoy living and am oh so grateful for!"

- Joyce S. 

"It was a good experience. All involved were just great! Feeling a lot better. Thank you Dr. Brown and staff. GOOD JOB Dr. B!!!"

- Joseph P. 

"My experience with Dr. Brown was amazing, his bedside manner is great and his knowledge as an orthopaedic specialist is the best. He really knows what he is doing. The staff is caring and patient, always ready to answer my questions when I called. I would recommend Dr. Brown to anyone!"

- Nancy S. 

"I was having bad neck, arm, and back pain. I came in for carpal tunnel and found that I needed surgery on my neck/spine. My spine was sitting on my spinal cord. Dr. Brown said surgery was the only option. I was crippled to the point I was going to lose my job. Could not use my hands, neck, or arms. Dr. Brown did my surgery and after it was done he told me that I could have been paralyzed if I did not catch it when I did. I am now healthier than I have ever felt. Dr. Brown truly saved my life and I am forever grateful." 

- Theresa M.

"You are a miracle! Thank you for giving me a new lease on life."  

- Judi O. 

"Everything went very well, from pre-op to post-op. Dr. Brown is very attentive and the nurses too. I was very impressed with overnight stay at hospital. Dr. Brown will work with you from the moment you go to him for the first visit."

- Angel G.

"Dr. Brown is a caring and charismatic physician, my first impression. He took care to explain my health issue in detail and made me feel confident in his ability to make my physicial condition better. He performed an excellent surgery and follow up as needed. He is always available to answer questions and he tends to any concerns I have. His willingness to deal with my family members concerning my condition is admirable."  

- Lana G. 

Great! As painless as can be expected. His personal care and thoughtfulness... his clean and neat appearance. Answers all questions. Takes time explaining.

- Nancy M. 

"After (5 years +) of pain in the neck and having limited movement I began experiencing numbness from my fingers to my shoulders in both arms. I had been to another doctor years ago in reference to this problem and that doctor wanted to really "cut and dice me". My first appointment with Dr. Brown convinced me that "he was the guy for the job." He made me feel at ease with the detailed explanation of what he was gonna do and I just felt so relaxed with him. This is also the second time that Dr. Brown has operated on me and I have been so happy with the results. Both outcomes have been just as successful as he said they would be. Dr. Brown has given me my life back. I highly recommend him!" 

- Edward R.

"Dr. Brown is the best in PORT SAINT LUCIE!"

- Angel E.

"Pain was 8..9..10.... everyday, now barely have any pain. Dr. Brown did a great job. He is an excellent physician, he is kind, and he has a big heart. Very good at what he does. He is compassionate and listens to your problems, he has a warm and loving heart."

- AC  

"Dr.Brown is a very good Orthopedic & Spine doctor. He spends time with you and treats you like you matter. Not just another patient. He knows you on a personal level. And the staff is amazing. His nurse Erica is the best. Answers my question and followers through with the things she helps me with. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needed a Orthopaedic surgeon."  

- Annabelle H. 

"At my first visit to Dr. Brown, he assured me that he could help relieve some of my back pain. He recommended a spinal fusion, extending a previous fusion to the L3 level. Dr. Brown took every precaution to make sure my bones were strong enough for this surgery, including a referral to an endocrinologist who prescribed an injectable medication to strengthen my bones. In my opinion, the surgery was a huge success. As a 79 year old woman with a long history of back pain, Dr. Brown gave me the chance to live an active life again. His compassion for his work and his patients well being was outstanding!"

- Marilyn D. 

"What a wonderful man! Took his time explaining my options, listened to my concerns, and made me feel so comfortable. Highly recommend!"  

- Marie, Orlando FL

"Besides being a very skilled surgeon, Dr. Brown is very compassionate. He listens to everything you have to say. My experience has been great and I would recommend him!"  

- LaVerne M. 

"Dr. Brown's treatment and eventual surgery for a herniated disc took me from being in constant severe pain to no pain at all. He took time to explain my condition and the procedure to remedy it. Dr. Brown was caring and kind and I felt very comfortable with him. "

- Betty M. 

"What a guy! Truly a gifted surgeon. Such compassion for his patients."  

- Norman

"I had cervical spinal fusion of C3 to C4 and C4 to C5 I felt immediate relief from lower back pain, shoulder pain, and breathing problems. I was out of the hospital the next day. I had one pain pill that night and one the following day, then just ibuprofen. The orthopaedic floor at St. Lucie Medical Center is world class excellent. I would and have recommended Dr. Brown to anyone. He is simply the BEST!!!"

- William K.

"Dr. Brown is a wonderful doctor and great surgeon. Port St Lucie is very fortunate to have him working here. He is a super doctor."

- Nancy B.

"I was led to Dr. Brown's services through the VA's Veterans Choice Program. During my preliminary research, I especially liked that Dr. Brown specialized in the spinal area, rather than many areas like other surgeons listed. I scheduled an office visit, my wife and I met with Dr. Brown's nurse and Dr. Brown to discuss my condition and past MRI /X-Rays. We decided on performing surgery on my cervical spine to replace two protruding disc that were pressing on my spinal cord. Dr. Brown was very attentive to my apprehension for surgery and explained the procedure to our satisfaction. Dr. Brown has a pleasant personality that helped me allay my fear of having the surgery. After surgery, Dr. Brown visited and asked how I felt. He said the surgery went well and was pleased with the results. The follow up office visits to review the healing process were in the same professional manner as the initial visits. We then discussed with Dr. Brown another painful area, my hip. After reviewing the X-Rays, Dr. Brown recommended fellow surgeon Dr. Sellards for a hip replacement. We are very pleased to have had Dr. Brown as my surgeon for the cervical operation."

 - Milo V. 

"Dr. Brown is an excellent Doctor. Before surgery I had some concerns, he took the time to talk to me and assured me I should not be concerned. I felt that I mattered. He explains things so we can understand. Highly recommend Dr. Brown. Staff is also very caring and respond to questions promptly." 

- Veronica T.

"Dr. Brown, Dr. Williams, and all the staff are awesome. Very polite, I even got a nickname. Dr. Brown made me very calm concerning the surgery and his bedside manner was 100%. Thanks. God Bless."

- Sophia